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You can rest assured that we will handle your car with the best care.


View the extensive checklist we use to ensure the best quality, and also read up on the specific products/ services we offer and why!


Product Description

Product description


  • Removes contaminants from clear-coat that normal washing/ polishing will not, but does not remove any of the clear-coat itself

  • Compounding or polishing could remove these contaminants, but microscopically removes some of the clear-coat

  • Clay leaves the surface 100% clean before applying wax, allowing it to protect and last longer




  • Teflon is a paint SEALANT as opposed to a wax, which is only a barrier

  • Teflon molecularly bonds with the clear-coat, thus sealing the paint

  • Wax can be applied over a Teflon, but not before since the wax forms a barrier–– therefore not allowing the Teflon to bond with the clear-coat

  • Teflon lasts twice as long as wax



  • Wax provides both shine and protection

  • We recommend that all vehicles have at least bi-annual coatings of wax with maintenance waxes in between

  • There are two types of waxes: (Carnauba Wax is our choice)

    • Organic: base product is the same in ALL waxes; beeswax. Byproducts are added by various producers in order to enhance shine, longevity, and protection.

    • Synthetic: a combination of various man-made polymers come together to produce the same as organic based waxes.



  • Compounds are a liquid/paste product used for removing heavy scratches that have not gone right through the paint to the base-coat

  • Compounds remove a very fine layer of the clear-coat 



  • Polish is a micro-abrasive product designed to eliminate swirls left by compounding and other light surface scratches



full detailing checklist

Interior detail

  • Dashboard Cleaned

  • Dash Components Cleaned and Dusted

  • Air Vents Cleaned and Dusted

  • Ashtray and Lighter Clean

  • Dashboard Dressed

  • Interior Roof Liner Spot Treated

  • Center Console Cleaned (if empty)

  • Glove Compartment Cleaned (if empty)

  • Interior Mirrors Cleaned

  • Door Panels Cleaned and Dressed

  • Center Console Cleaned and Dressed

  • Rear Window Shelf Cleaned and Vacuumed 

  • Center Pillars Cleaned and Treated

  • Cloth Seats Shampooed

  • Mats Shampooed

  • Mats in Trunk

  • Trunk Vacuumed and Shampooed

  • Spare Tire Compartment Cleaned

  • Door Jambs Cleaned

  • Trunk Jamb Cleaned

  • Personals in Trunk


exterior detail

  • Car Washed (Prepared for Detail)

  • Wheel Wells Cleaned and Degreased

  • Wheels Cleaned and Degreased

  • Wheel Wells Dressed

  • Tires Dressed

  • Trunk and Hood Jambs Cleaned

  • All Exterior Markings Removed (if possible)

  • Polish Top Surfaces

  • Spot Polish Required Areas

  • Car Waxed

  • Wax Residue Removed

  • Wheels Detailed and Polished 

  • Tail Pipes Cleaned and Polished

  • All Exterior Vinyl Threaded

  • Door Jambs Cleaned

  • Engine Jambs Cleaned

  • Trunk Jambs Cleaned

  • Exterior Windows Cleaned

  • Window Tips Cleaned

  • Wiper Blades Cleaned


Exterior Terms

Exterior Terms


  • Paint applied to base metal prior to painting


Paint/ Basecoat

  • Color coating



  • Layers of clear paint applied over the basecoat


Maintenance & Protection


Spray Wax

  • Temporary short term layer of wax (band-aid)


Hand Wax

  • Longer lasting layer of wax



  • Removes surface scratches and swirls



  • More aggressive and removes oxidation and scuffs


Wet Sanding

  • Removes deep scratches in clear-coat



  • Teflon and polymers chemically bond with clear-coat to form the longest lasting protective barrier


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